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Our Approach

Successful implementation of an extended enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is the result of knowledgeable and dedicated people working together. It entails company-wide commitment, openness to change, good planning, and experienced guidance.

The core of the Adaxa approach is our proven six step implementation methodology. This methodology leverages the knowledge and years of  experience of the Adaxa team, the highly customisable open source technology and our customer first focus to deliver successful project implementations worldwide.

Phase 1 – Planning

  • Assemble the project team
  • Clarify project goals and success criteria
  • Detail Project Scope
  • Review existing business processes
  • Identify gaps


Phase 2 – Design – Conference Room Pilot

  • Train project team
  • Identify transaction flows
  • Map data conversion cycle
  • Evaluate and design system enhancements and/or customised requirements
  • Document reporting requirements
  • Create data integration points and data transfer design documents


Phase 3 – Configuration and Development

  • Complete Configuration
  • Complete Customisations
  • Complete data scrubbing and conversion
  • Perform User testing

Phase 4 – Training

  • User training – train-the-trainer
  • Risk Analysis
  • Change management
  • Readiness Assessment

Phase 5 – Go Live

  • Contingency Plan
  • Help Resources
  • User Adaption


Phase 6 – Evolution

  • Stablise and Optimise
  • Benchmark Reviews
  • Process Refinement
  • ROI Measurements



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