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The business had previously been a division of a large multi-national company that had deployed the BPCS ERP system on IBM hardware. When the division was acquired by our client they had twenty working days to transfer data from BPCS and implement a new system. With two legal entities, four manufacturing sites and more than two hundred staff this provided a significant challenge.
Franchise Control Systems (FCS) operate a business that distributes various products through a network of franchisees. All products sold by the franchisees are sourced from the franchisor. The system performs the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requirements for both the franchisor and the franchisee.
IP Systems operates a business providing VOIP services and distributing various related products. They have complex data capture requirements relating to the usage of the VOIP system. This data is required to generate sales transactions in the ERP system that handles all financial functions for the client. The business is expanding rapidly.
When Intouch Direct needed to replace their legacy business management systems they evaluated a number of popular proprietary and open source ERP systems. When it came down to cost of ownership and the flexibility they required to meet their complex needs they chose the open source alternative.
Complex custom processes requiring multiple levels of unit conversions and highly specialized shipping are successfully automated in this case study you can read here.
First run publications have additional costs and accounting complexities that are unique to the publishing industry.

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