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Adaxa recommends this new ebook by SpagoBI for those looking at implementing BI in their company - the competitive edge that good BI produces is available without the huge investment previously associated with BI projects and now with the tools becoming more user focussed the access has opened up even more.

Business Intelligence with SpagoBI - Developing Business Intelligence solutions using the only 100% open source BI suite

Book description
This book provides a complete overview of SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite. It supports users with different levels of expertise in developing business intelligence applications and projects using SpagoBI.
Data domain experts and code developers, business intelligence analysts and end users: each reader will find in this book the right tool for his needs and learn how to make the best use of it.
SpagoBI is composed of different modules. Each chapter describes the functionalities and target use of each module by providing detailed explanations and useful examples.


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