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Adaxa's client was a large regional Victorian based stationery retailer that specialised in supplying their local market with stationery products via a retail shop-front, a warehouse satisfying B2B orders/deliveries and, in particular, providing local schools with their student’s annual stationery requirements (“Student Packs”). The Client saw a huge opportunity in the 'Student Pack' niche on a national scale and wanted to rapidly expand this aspect of their business.

The business plan was to develop a national network of Agents that had existing relationships with local schools and education providers. This allowed the Agents to negotiate directly with their school clients for their Student Pack business but not have the additional burden of providing e-commerce access, taking orders, procuring stock, packing, shipping, receiving payments and following up debts.



The Client planned to increase the output of their Student Pack business from 6000 student packs per annum to over 100,000 packs per annum over 3 years. There were a number of challenges and considerations to achieve this as follows:

  • The company's existing warehouse operations were inefficient due to the particular handling issues and variation of the products needed in each Student Pack (averaging 35 SKUs and 130 items per pack).
  • The Client needed a software platform that could easily support the ‘signing up’ of Agents across the country via a web Portal. Agents needed to be able to define their own school clients and Student Packs including pricing whilst the Client needed to be able to efficiently manage the total operation.
  • The system needed to accommodate the plan for rapid growth with pre-defined Student Packs for many hundreds of schools/year level and to provide webstore ordering for each unique Student Pack plus any additional catalog items. 
  • The sales and supply processes between the Customer (Parents or Schools), the Agent and the Client needed to be fully automated including automated freight calculations and drop-shipments.
  • Manage a single order from a Parent or an order from a school for (say) 120 Student Packs each separately packed and labelled.
  • Improved POS (point of sale) integration with the ERP was required.
  • The Client wished to be able to offer integrated 3PL (third party logistics) services to other companies by utilising their large warehousing capabilities which experienced seasonal demand.
  • The Client’s business management software needed to be replaced with a system able to meet the new business requirements and to allow cloud based deployment to meet huge seasonal variability in demand.



ADAXA designed and implemented a solution that migrated the Client’s business to the ADempiere ERP & CRM system, a modified Egility webstore and Agent Portal and extended the software to meet the Client’s unique functional requirements.

Services Provided:

  • Migration of data from existing system to Adempiere, ERP software development, training and implementation services.
  • Extending the ADAXA eGility web portal software to support the specific functionality required by the Student Pack business.
  • Development and integration of an express Pick/Pack module into Adempiere that enabled the significant increase in speed and accuracy needed to support the Client’s expansion plans.
  • Additional development and integration of an asynchronous POS extension into ADempiere.



The Client was able to significantly increase it’s Student Pack business and output in the first year with no increase in it’s labor force and additionally provided its Agents and end customers with an improved ordering/payment/delivery system.

  • Reduction in pick/pack processes from the industry's typical 15-20 minutes to under 4 minutes per Student Pack.
  • Elimination of errors in picking due to validation scanning in software
  • Elimination of part shipments and pricing errors typical of most e-commerce systems due to real time data displayed in Webstore from Adempiere ERP backend
  • Fully integrated asynchronous POS
  • Fully integrated online management system from order placement and payment to fulfillment and invoicing
  • Leveraged Amazon infrastructure to economically allow for highly variable seasonal load on Webstore and ERP resources.
  • Removed vendor lock-in to the previous proprietary software solution and provided enhanced functionality and flexibility


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